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Alex + AidAn | Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, CO | Wedding

The most heart warming of days could not describe the sweet love between these two. One would say Laughter is something that the soul can not hold back and must express itself through a joyful and pleasing sound. With joy, peace follows and confidence. That’s how I view Alex & Aiden.

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Jonathan + Sarah | Conifer CO Wedding

Two wonderful people, on a bright and brilliant day in Conifer Colorado. These two are the sweetest people. When she looked at him it was obvious that she was head over heels in love with him and the same from him.

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Shanel + Gerald, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Shanel + Gerald, Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Highlands Ranch Mansion. 

Charming, crazy, fun, elegant, graceful, ridiculous, specializing in absurdly enjoyable and border-lining between passionate and jumping in a volcano for each other kind of love. 

Gerald & Shanel, no words could describe these two. Only a photograph, meeting in person, and even then... You would still need to spend large quantities of time with them in order to even grasp their personalities. 

They are giants. They live out loud. They bring the lightning... And they bring... The thunder... Lightning and the thunder... Gerald is gentle, funny, sarcastic, sweet, etc... And Shanel is gentle, sarcastic, funny, sweet, etc... 

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ROGUE Film Co. Presents a out in the Country Wedding in Colorado

These two rock when it comes to their relationship. They're like kids with one another. The way they both light up when the other walks into the room is timeless and encouraging. It's as if no one else exists in those moments. They are both probably some of the kindest sweetest people I have ever met. This wedding was put together beautifully, it was small, quaint, but extravagant and filled with laughter. 

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ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Mountain Wedding in Colorado.

At first, Prabin was quiet and kept, not funny... At all... In fact, I thought he was too serious... Julie on the other hand was very sweet, peaceful, laughing etc... As a wedding photographer, I interact with tons of different personalities & as I understand people are attracted to opposites, I figured this was the case... That was until Prabin's friends showed up and that's when it happened. He made one joke, than another, and then it was non stop laughter.

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ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Country Side Estate Wedding in Colorado

Alex + Mike celebrating their wedding at their Grandmas estate in Castle Rock, Colorado. In a country style kick'n kind of way! 

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ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Mountain Wedding in Loveland, Colorado

Casey + Lindsay are two birds of a feather, both goofy, interesting, down to earth, the bee's knees, and plain ol fun. They both got married in the mountains of Loveland Colorado at a private Ranch that had a beautiful set up against an unusual cliff side. 

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ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Mt. Vernon Country Club Wedding in Denver, Colorado

Adam + Alyssa..... LOL - I don't know if, "LOL" is something that most people put into a blog; however, I think the entire bridal party will be understanding to that initial statement. Wow! What... a .... day! 

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ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Fancy wedding at The Chateaux at Fox Meadows in Denver, Co.

Jordan + Chris, Chris + Jordan... Oh boy... SO.... If you can think it, they are up for it. There's not a challenge these two wouldn't face if given the right incentive....

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