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Cora + Ben | Grant Humphrys | Denver, Colorado Wedding

They decided to have a wedding at Grant Humphry’s Mansion in Denver, Colorado. The idea was to make it a Gatsby wedding of all weddings in fact. And might I point out, it went according to plan extremely well.

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Brie + Dan | DU Denver Wedding | Colorado Wedding

I’m a Colorado Wedding Photographer, I like to point that out because it helps with SEO. Amongst other things, I meet some incredibly rad people. I get to shoot some incredibly cool weddings and be apart of special occasions. Like Brie & Dan, I’ve known them for some time now through other clients weddings and I was honored when they asked me to be apart of theirs.

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Alex + AidAn | Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, CO | Wedding

The most heart warming of days could not describe the sweet love between these two. One would say Laughter is something that the soul can not hold back and must express itself through a joyful and pleasing sound. With joy, peace follows and confidence. That’s how I view Alex & Aiden.

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Laurie + Jorge | Cheyenne Wyoming | Wedding

When you think of a fun and loud wedding, this was the one. My clients were rowdy and sweet, sarcastic and loving, and just a hoot to be around. So much love exists between these two wonderful people and their families. During, I couldn’t help but reflect on my life and all of the people I’ve met because of their relationships. 

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Austin + Aislinn | Dunafon Castle | Idledale, CO Wedding

Two absolutely wonderful and kind-hearted people. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll laugh, they’ll make you cry, and they’ll cry. They’re sensitive and sarcastic, two of my favorite traits when combined! They were married in Idledale, Colorado in this hole in the wall place called, the “Dunafon Castle”. A place, honestly, I had never heard of before.

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Abe + Caroline | Longmont, CO Wedding

Where to start. They are rad, fun, sweet, nice, kind, funny, practically as close to wonderful as you can get. From the very start, from every conversation, I thoroughly looked forward to photographing their wedding day.

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Rachael + Chris | Denver Colorado | Blackstone Country Club

A beautiful couple, a beautiful wedding at Blackstone Country Club  , with beautiful friends and family. These two have insane chemistry. I mean it. They finish one another's sentences, they know what the other will say, they even communicate without words at a distance, which is mind blowing and incredulous. It was beautiful, fun, elegant, graceful, nothing less than perfect. 

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Troy + Elena, Denver, Botanic Gardens, Colorado

This couple is incredibly diverse from one another and at the same time compliments one another so extremely well. Quiet, Gentle, Silly, Loud, Patient, Calm, Relaxed, Pleasant, Many words, Less words... The list goes on. They're balance. 

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Faye + Randy, Silverthorne, Colorado

These two had a wonderful celebration in the mountains of Silverthorne, Colorado at the edge of a cliff overlooking Lake Dillon. 

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Shanel + Gerald, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Shanel + Gerald, Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Highlands Ranch Mansion. 

Charming, crazy, fun, elegant, graceful, ridiculous, specializing in absurdly enjoyable and border-lining between passionate and jumping in a volcano for each other kind of love. 

Gerald & Shanel, no words could describe these two. Only a photograph, meeting in person, and even then... You would still need to spend large quantities of time with them in order to even grasp their personalities. 

They are giants. They live out loud. They bring the lightning... And they bring... The thunder... Lightning and the thunder... Gerald is gentle, funny, sarcastic, sweet, etc... And Shanel is gentle, sarcastic, funny, sweet, etc... 

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Lavon + Anthony, Denver, Colorado

These two are incredibly feisty, I mean, imagine your definition of feisty and multiply it by 10, that's exactly what I'm talking about. They are a laugh to be around. I don't think I could laugh more to be honest. We started with a house session and then toured Rhino Art District. 

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Anthony + Ellie, Denver, Colorado

For their 20 year anniversary they wanted to celebrate their love and capture memories of their life together. 20 Years they have been together. Having traveled the world, run a successful business, becoming a doctor, and never turning down an interesting alley that could lead to somewhere magical. 

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