Alex + AidAn | Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, CO | Wedding


Alex + Aidan,

The most heart warming of days could not describe the sweet love between these two. One would say Laughter is something that the soul can not hold back and must express itself through a joyful and pleasing sound. With joy, peace follows and confidence. That’s how I view Alex & Aidan.

Their love is bountiful, full of gentleness and sincerity. Having met their parents, friends, and even the vendors they hired. It’s easy to see where their greatness comes from. It comes from their foundation. It’s solid and well placed.

I remember this story about putting a foundation on the sand or on the rock. As appealing as it was to put a foundation on the beach, unfortunately it gets washed away and sinks. But when placed on the Rock, it remains steadfast and strong. That’s the kind of foundation I believe Aidan & Alex have with one another, it’s solid.

Their wedding was held at Botanic Gardens at Chatfield in Denver, Colorado. It was an absolutely perfect day, the corn mazes were out actually. As we walked up to where the ladies could place their things, there was probably around a thousand folks out in the cornfields. Did that stop us from getting some awesome shots and me directing corn mazers out of the shot? Absolutely not!

Part of my job as a wedding photographer is to take care of the crumbs, the small details, the ones that will take away from the shot being complete. The bride & groom, it’s their job to have fun, relax, and get married. Thus be the way at all weddings. I give every bit of effort that I can towards delegating, directing, keeping the day flowing according to the timeline and shifting whatever is needed in order to keep us going.

When you hire a photographer for your wedding day, make sure they can do more then take a photograph. They have to be creative, think on their feet, directive, they must have the ability to make the hard calls if needed, to keep the day moving, and know the flow. Being an artist is first and foremost my job, but secondly, it’s to be a professional and take care of my clients.

To me, this is your day, you’re once upon a time, and if I have the power I will make sure it’s exactly that without a hitch. Let’s be honest though, every wedding that I have photographed has had some kind of “hitch”. But, like I always say, it’s not about the problem that arises, it’s how we handle it that matters. So like life, photographers, brides & grooms, take your best foot forward and rely on your team.

Alex & Aidan, you guys are absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of, “you”. Please always continue to grow in the direction you’re headed. You’re both beautiful inside and out and I know that your life will be filled with constant love and peace.