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Alex + AidAn | Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, CO | Wedding

The most heart warming of days could not describe the sweet love between these two. One would say Laughter is something that the soul can not hold back and must express itself through a joyful and pleasing sound. With joy, peace follows and confidence. That’s how I view Alex & Aiden.

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Veronica + Troy | Rocky Mtn. National Park, CO | Engagement

These two wild and crazy hearts are as glued as one can get to another. Where there is love there is passion, but where there is great love, there is great passion. Great passion is one of those things that needs balance,  like a wild fire, it can get away from us, & pass into the next moment burning everything it touches. Nothing left but smoldering ash.

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Austin + Aislinn | Dunafon Castle | Idledale, CO Wedding

Two absolutely wonderful and kind-hearted people. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll laugh, they’ll make you cry, and they’ll cry. They’re sensitive and sarcastic, two of my favorite traits when combined! They were married in Idledale, Colorado in this hole in the wall place called, the “Dunafon Castle”. A place, honestly, I had never heard of before.

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