Veronica + Troy | Rocky Mtn. National Park, CO | Engagement


Veronica + Troy,

These two wild and crazy hearts are as glued as one can get to another. Where there is love there is passion, but where there is great love, there is great passion. Great passion is one of those things that needs balance,  like a wild fire, it can get away from us, & pass into the next moment burning everything it touches. Nothing left but smoldering ash.

Veronica + Troy have that balance, the key to great passion. They know when to listen, to speak, to touch or let distance be. When they looked into one another eyes, and me viewing through my lens, I saw that spark. Like a history of moments being relived with every touch and gaze.

We found ourselves in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. To the top we went and from there to cliffs and the edge of the world. Taking it in, it was overwhelming. That day we heard elk singing their songs for distant lovers to hear. This day was about a moment, as are all engagements. They aren’t just another photograph. They represent our love, our future commitment, our vow to no matter what, never quit, never give up, always pursue, always love, always forgive, and always acknowledge our humanity. This a moment that states, We are here in this moment and will never be again, but in this moment, I promise I choose you, and will always choose you.

In marriage, it’s good to have these memories for keep sakes, without them, in those moments that overwhelm us, we could by chance forget what brought us here in the first place. Humanity needs a symbol, that thing that dares to inspire, and in marriage, outside of family and friends, it’s our beginnings.

If you and a loved one have fallen out of sorts with one another recently, remember, when you first met, those promises you made to one another, don’t forget, you love one another, that love doesn’t leave when you’re hurt. You’re hurt because you love. Hold onto that. It will forever be your reminder of the value you have and to do everything you can to not take one another for granted.

Veronica & Troy, thank you for daring to inspire!