ROGUE Film Co. Presents a out in the Country Wedding in Colorado


Greg + Sarah,

These two rock when it comes to their relationship. They're like kids with one another. The way they both light up when the other walks into the room is timeless and encouraging. It's as if no one else exists in those moments. They are both probably some of the kindest sweetest people I have ever met. This wedding was put together beautifully, it was small, quaint, but extravagant and filled with laughter. 

As a wedding photographer, I love photographing couples like Sarah & Greg because they are a constant reminder of how love is child-like and joyful. Every part of this out in the country style wedding was fun. I mean, this day could have been cold, could have been windy, instead, it was warm, bright, sunny, and beautiful! 

I loved this wedding and I love these two! I hope you love these photographs as much as I do!!