Faye + Randy, Silverthorne, Colorado


Faye + Randy, 

Two birds of a feather, two old souls, dancing in the wind of the snowy day. Taking our time, we found some beautiful places in Silverthorne, Colorado. One particular spot, we hiked to the top of the mountain and discovered an old campground set up. It was perfect for our engagement session. We started by having them remove all warm comforts, having them wrap themselves in a blanket, and pretend to be warm while they cuddled their faces off.

Faye & Randy, love each other, they're cute, fun, silly, and really good at dancing. Although it was practically 5 degrees out, they laughed, they stayed positive, and had one heck of a good time until we finished photographing. 

As a Colorado Photographer, it's most refreshing to always have wonderful clients, willing to go on adventures and get wonderful photos of their memories. An engagement session is supposed to be like a date, showing up fancy, doing fancy things, and getting shot... by a photographer. This engagement was inspiring to myself and I hope it does the same for you. 

Congratulations Faye & Randy on your engagement and I am oh so excited to be photographing your elopement.