ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Joshua Tree, California BoHo Wedding


Chelsea & John emailed me last year about their Joshua Tree, California Elopement style Boho wedding. Their story was awesome, Chelsea told me they had known one another for almost 10 years, were friends to the core, and one day they realized that the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life was sitting right next to them already..... 

John told me, he knew that Chelsea was the one, when she understood exactly what he was saying while tooth brush in mouth in a mid conversation. "She understood every word..." These two want the forever lasting, until death do us part, out of the ball park kind of love. That's what they have. 

As a wedding photographer, one who photographs practically anywhere people will fly me to, I've learned a lot about love. I've learned that there is a, "tell" for it. I won't share all of my secrets so, "you" don't go and start asking yourself if you have these tells. But John & Chelsea... They're made to grow old together. 

Joshua Tree & Palm Springs, California was beautiful. It was mid 80's, the day before I went to Venice Beach to see how cold the water was, and to ad a little extra to the story, since after all, this story did include me flying out to California. 

Chelsea & John, you two are amazing, I hope to stay in touch and I know your love will absolutely last forever. Congratulations again!! Enjoy the photographs!!