about ROGUE & the Dream that started it


ROGUE Film Co. an artistic photographic company designed with the soul purpose of encompassing your truest moments in their most raw and organic form. This journey started over 6 years ago, by a simple passionate individual who had been working his entire life to become an Artist. That dream eventually like many others was pushed to the side and he pursued I.T. sitting behind a desk helping as many as he could. Taking the time to photograph here and there, feeling unsatisfied and constantly asking the question, "Is this my purpose". Exasperated of the daily grind, he went out and took a $25,000 loan out, purchased the best equipment on the market and quit his job. From that moment on he pursued photography. Having no idea how to run a business, there were a few bumps, but after a few months had successfully booked his first entire year of weddings with the most wonderful individuals.  Joshua's ambition didn't end there. He continued to push his abilities, gain more knowledge, and stay passionate about what his dream. 

Today ROGUE Film Co. is one of the top artists in Colorado and will continue until it's one of the top in the world. ROGUE Film Co. is primarily wedding photography, with the occasional portrait, maternity, newborn, and sometimes even family photographs... From Fort Collins, Denver, Aspen, Vail, Colorado Springs, Windsor, Loveland, Estes, etc... Expanding to Washington and California. Joshua has been featured in many local and national publications including, "BEST OF". ROGUE Film Co. photographs LOVE, because ANYONE CAN LOVE. The story is what matters the most. ROGUE Film Co.'s photographic style is considered to be more lifestyle, documentary, or journalistic expression. In other words, CANDIDS. The core belief is that a wedding is not only about the couple, but the guests, friends & family who are there to act as a witness to, true love. For this reason, everything at a wedding matters and this company takes pride in making every moment matter just as much.

If you want an artist and not just someone who can snap a photograph, if you are looking for MORE, if you need ART and something you can cherish for generations, contact ROGUE Film Co. But beware, it's a company with personality, flare & a sense of adventure.