Shanel + Gerald, Highlands Ranch, Colorado


Shanel + Gerald, Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Highlands Ranch Mansion. 

Charming, crazy, fun, elegant, graceful, ridiculous, specializing in absurdly enjoyable and border-lining between passionate and jumping in a volcano for each other kind of love. 

Gerald & Shanel, no words could describe these two. Only a photograph, meeting in person, and even then... You would still need to spend large quantities of time with them in order to even grasp their personalities. 

They are giants. They live out loud. They bring the lightning... And they bring... The thunder... Lightning and the thunder... Gerald is gentle, funny, sarcastic, sweet, etc... And Shanel is gentle, sarcastic, funny, sweet, etc... 

These two were made for one another, as much as they are a-like, they are also very much different. 

What universe made this combination possible? Matches like this are an anomaly, they don't happen because if it did, a whole new world... Could be created and our universe as we know it would get, tangled... 

Bee's and honey, I tell you, these two are the real deal... Ok, I'm a photographer and an artist, I love weddings and couples and love and passion. Their wedding day, I want you to see for yourself, I don't want it to be a moment where I spend 30 minutes typing up long long sentences to woo you with excitement, YOU ARE EXCITED. 

So, Shanel & Gerald, it's been many years, I was so excited to be apart of your day. Your family, friends, yourselves, everything, was so special and in spite of the Wind, in spite of the thorns, in spite of everything, the wedding went on and it became a spectacular and most memorable time for not only the two of you, but also, for everyone who you shared it with. 

I know the years will be plenty, the love will be full, and that some day when you have kids you're both going to make the coolest parents imaginable. 

Congratulations again!

Cinematography: Olena Films
Here's a sneak peak (PEAK)