ROGUE Film Co Presents a Scottsdale Arizona Backyard Wedding


Kendra + Jamie celebrated their DIY wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona at Kendra’s folks newly remodeled house &  backyard with the help of several neighbors, using their front yards, the street, and front yard. Essentially, a block party DIY wedding. This wedding made for some awesome and gorgeous photography. Originally having been born in Arizona, it was a great treat to fly into Scottsdale to photograph this seriously amazing couple with the support and help of their friends and family. This is one wedding that you won’t want to miss. 

Joshua McDonald Photography started off the day prior to the wedding scouting out locations, hiking, and waiting for the sun to set to find the perfect location for this lovely couple. We found ourselves at Echo Canyon Park. If you live in Phoenix or surrounding, if you haven’t been here yet, you’re missing out. This location is gorgeous, excellent for a great hike, jog, or a romantic sunset just for you and someone special. Of course, as promised to the ranger, this isn’t somewhere to celebrate a wedding, but if you want portraits, this is the place to do it!

The next day, Wedding Day, a.k.a. Game Day, started off at two separate locations, friends houses whom were beautifully done on the inside and out for getting ready photos. Kendra with her ladies and Jamie with his men couldn’t have been more excited for the day to start. Kendra was well fashioned with a beautiful dress by Justin Alexander, earrings from Kute N Klever, shoes/accessories by Valentino and her bridesmaids wearing Badgley Mischka dresses. It was gorgeous. The hair and make up team with Beauty by Jessica was already there doing the last few touches when we arrived and what an excellent job they did. Kendra and her bridesmaids are all beautiful, but with the few additions of these dresses, make up, hair, etc… They looked like they were ready to walk the runway… or perhaps head to a wedding.

After getting beautiful and inspiring photos, Joshua McDonald Photography and the cinematographers, Cinepro, headed to Papago Park for the 1st look. Jamie was so punctual he and his groomsmen were already decked out in their J. Hilburn tux’s and sent Jamie off to wait for his bride early. I don’t live in Arizona, so I can’t say whether or not it was a beautiful day for locals, but seeing we had just flown in from 20 degree weather and it was 70 + degrees at the time, I would say it was one beautiful day to have a wedding. The 1st look was gorgeous, these two in the desert, seeing each other for the first time was memorable. Mike, Kendra’s father, even got to be apart of the 1st look. I’m sure if you ask him, he’ll have a couple of photos from the 1st look himself, after all, he may have accidentally photobombed a photo or two getting a snapshot or 10 of his beautiful daughter and new son-in-law, the love of a father is so priceless to see, especially when he’s trying to choke back the tears because of how proud he is to see his daughter marry a man he’s always wanted for her (found out later during toasts).

Finally, the time had arrived to get these lovebirds to their ceremony which was DIY designed with the help of several places such as, Classic Party RentalsGlamour WoodsAmerican Valet, & La Tavola. It was beautiful. There were lanterns hanging from trees, guest stations set up everywhere, a front yard ceremony which was to die for, DIY everything, and drinks available to everyone with the courtesy of Bevmo with the coolest most professional staff I’ve ever worked with from Party Staff. As we grew closer I heard beautiful music coming from the ceremony, at first I thought it was a DJ, and then I looked closer… I was kind of right, but very wrong. It was this amazing Colorado Quartet/DJ/Liveband set up… Spinphony, Folks, let me say, if you haven’t booked yourself music yet, these are who you want hands down. They play regular music with Chello, Viola, & DJ, while keeping it classic for the classy moments and mixed dance music for the party, it was amazing! The time had come to get Kendra + Jamie married and their wedding photography began. The Bridesmaids with their darling bouquets from Carte Blanche Design and Groomsmen walking down the isle to the beautiful and talented voice of Jessica Heiskell was a breath of fresh air. I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear a professional singer vs a (no offense) a friend or family member. Future Brides/Grooms, no matter how badly your friends or family members want to sing at your wedding, if they aren’t trained for it, go with a professional, it makes a world of difference.

During the ceremony I could see the anticipation written all over Jamie’s face, he couldn’t contain his excitement. The moment was here and Kendra was being driven up to the isle by her father in the Classic family Ford Buick (year, old) it was awesome, I felt a buzz of electricity flow over the guests. I could imagine all that Jamie and Kendra could hear was Jessica Heiskell’s voice fading in the background as they locked eyes with one another. A ceremony is a strange thing, everyone you’ve known dearly all your life watching you for 15-30 minutes, feeling the love, the excitement all while telling yourself, “don’t faint” – “don’t trip” – “walk gracefully” – “did I remember to…” etc…

These two were married off by a childhood friend and family-in-law member Jonathan, and boy did he do a great job. The guests laughed, they cried, Kendra + Jamie’s folks teared and awed at their kids betrothal, it was gorgeous. Following the ceremony, it was time for photos. We stole the newlyweds off for their sunset while the rest of the guests prepared themselves for a magical reception. Folks, I know, backyard reception, house ceremony… but let me tell you, when the parents remodel for a wedding, you know it’s going to be grand… It wasn’t anything short of that. When we arrived back from the photography at Echo Canyon Park in Scottsdale, I could smell the most delicious food prepared & served by The Rocket and Aioli Burgers. The tables were set beautifully, the lanterns and candles had been lit everywhere, the arrangements, the centerpieces, everything was a fairy tale. This wedding could not have been put together without the help of L Elizabeth Events bringing all the vendors together to create such a beautiful wedding.

Everything was delicious, it was beautiful, it was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this wedding. The rest of the evening was full of laughter, dancing, toasts, and even a Donut Cutting which from what I heard the cookies/donuts were incredible by Urban Cookie. The couple’s uncle was hilarious during the toasts. If I were Jamie & Kendra during the toast, I probably would have fainted if my uncle lent me the Classic Ford Buick (year: old) for a year, but they stood their ground. The love this family has for one another is something to be reckoned with. It’s true and deep to the roots of their entire foundation. The guests were all good friends or family that had known one another for years. Walking through the crowd to get photographs during reception I heard 10’s of stories, ranging from when Jamie & Kendra were little kids to where they’re at now. I learned about Jamie’s solid work ethic, apparently, he’s the kind of guy who accomplishes what he puts his mind to, Kendra is one of the most supporting people you’ll ever meet and is somewhat of an artist herself with designing clothes, jewelry, etc…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I could write on and on about this wedding, telling you the ins and outs of it, but what you really want, is to see what the photos look like. Well, if you’ve taken the time to read everything, trust me, you won’t be disappointed, these are classic, artsy, love filled, and fun photographs that tell you the story of the day. There is 180sh photos total in todays blog (and that’s only a percentage of the photos they’ll receive) I don’t showcase just the “best” photos, but the ones that tell the story. Every photo, including the ones that aren’t showing, are just as amazing… But you would be sitting here all day! Kendra + Jamie, I was honored to have done the Wedding Photography for you in Scottsdale, you are an amazing couple, with awesome values, love, faith, and support. You are two of the kindest folks I have had the pleasure of meeting (not to mention your family and friends), I hope that these photos are everything you wanted for your memories, Congratulations again and Enjoy your honeymoon!

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