Anthony + Ellie, Denver, Colorado


Anthony + Ellie,

For their 20 year anniversary they wanted to celebrate their love and capture memories of their life together. 20 Years they have been together. Having traveled the world, run a successful business, becoming a doctor, and never turning down an interesting alley that could lead to somewhere magical. 

Their love is kind of like that. When they met, they could have decided the adventure was too intimidating. Instead, they took one another by the hands and never looked back. 6 months of dating and they new it was time. Anthony was about to relocate when Ellie said, "You're going to marry me first" 

Marry her he did. It's funny, the rule of thumb is, take your time, don't rush, don't jump, don't leap, but they didn't care. So, they jumped. They obviously knew something more than others do, because 20 years later, here we are, and I have to say, they way they love one another is full of intimacy, patience, compassion, kindness, adoration, etc... 

For some people it's simple, they meet, they jump, and years later, their love is more passionate than when they started. Please savor each moment. These photographs are about as genuine as you can get to seeing two people who just are with one another. 

Cheers and Congrats to your 20 years!