ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Lake Chelan, Washington Wedding


Joani + Dane... What a wedding, a moment of circumstances led to me being there and getting to enjoy every second of their love. Dane + Joani's wedding was held in Lake Chelan, Washington at Shadow Mountain Events.

It was a 100 temp day, and dear lord could I feel it. Having traveled myself the previous day around 10.5 hours, I had forgotten a very valuable and important thing to do. Drink water. Yes, that's right, my excitement of landing in the beautiful state of Washington, the drive through the hills/mountains and by the lakes, had slightly distracted me and I only drank red bull. WHICH is not what you want for hydration. 

The next day, I woke up feeling it, decidedly I drank too much water and when I hit the sun, let's just say this Photographer suffered from serious sun-stroke for half the day. Did that stop me, heck no, I was there and I was going to give it 100% no matter how I felt. 

Now, before you think I'm amazing, truly, what helped was the passion that Joani & Dane have for one another, their love goes far beyond skin deep. It's easy to tell, just watch how they look at one another. They can't hold back the smiles and tears of joy for getting to and having chosen each other for the rest of their lives. 

I was in awe with how many amazing people I met at the wedding. Everyone talked so highly of "Dwayne" and Joani, everyone supported them fully, friends, family, it was beautiful. The reason why these two are successful is because of the love, support, and care that they chose to have in their lives. That's aside from obvious reasons such as chemistry, love, drive, similar goals, etc... 

At the end of the beautiful 100 temp day, Joani & Dane had been married and the story of their lives began. Congratulations you two, I hope every photograph reminds you of your beautiful day of when you both had the choice and said, "I Do."