ROGUE Film Co. Presents an Evergreen, Colorado Wedding


Nicolette + Gordon… How do I say this… They are so darn toot’n likable. Easy, down to earth folks. Good hearted, loving, and enjoyable. These two, are one heck of a team, make great partners, and definitely are going to have one happy family. I loved everything about this day and I’m certain anyone who attended did as well… 

The day started at the Mt. Vernon Church, a classic set up, with one heck of a view in the church. What made it more beautiful, was the two who were getting married there that day. Nicolette & Gordon. Their love brought in plenty of amazing people, from friends to family. Plenty of laughter, tears, and hopeful eyes for the future of these two. After the ceremony, we decided to head out back of the church, where there is one breathtaking view. If you shoot it just right, you would never guess there was a church, concrete, or anything but the view there.

Good lord was it easy to photograph these two, they are adorable with one another, and I mean that. They just laughed, and toyed with each others hands, hugged and kissed, nuzzled and cuddled the entire time. I only had to work a little with giving direction here or there, but for the most part, they went directionless. (Insert Smiley Face Emoticon here) The photography that we were able to capture was amazing. I loved how this location was just a little beyond Denver into the mountains and the wedding was beautiful!

After the wedding we headed over to Mt. Vernon Country Club. Of course, we had to make a stop to get some fantastic photographs of the bridal party, no way could we leave them out. Any viewers of this, will see what I’m talking about. Reception was full of life, energy, and a buzz was flowing through the room. Many talking about the couple, some the dress, their future, etc… The toasts were heartfelt, funny, short and sweet! Way to go! I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The dancing was a hoot, especially with many of the sorority sisters being present from the college days. And the DJ, what an awesome job, DJ Chavo, was one of the best DJ’s I have had the pleasure to work with. He knew how to blend the right beats, mixed the right songs, and there were even re-mix’s that I had never heard, all to keep the party full of life! It was spectacular! From beginning to end, this was one wedding that was set up perfectly and I don’t think there could have been one thing different.

Nicolette & Gordon, I think you two are wonderful. I really am excited about your future. It’s going to be bright, full of adventure, and I doubt there will be many dull moments now that I have met a decent amount of your family and friends. You’re support system is excellent, and you have a great foundation. Congratulations again, you two deserve the best! Enjoy the photos!

Joshua McDonaldComment