ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Wedding at the Sanctuary, Denver, Co.


Nick + Tracy held their wedding at, The Sanctuary south of Denver. It was a beautifully set December day, snow on the ground, candles lit, cobblestone walls and corridors, with two people waiting to be married to one another.

Nick & Tracy are two quirky and enjoyable people. They both know how to laugh and make everyone around them feel like they’re the only person that matters. Quite a gift. I am honored to have been chosen to take the wedding photography for these two lovely people.

When I first met Nick & Tracy, my first impression was, wow, Nick is sarcastic and wow Tracy is so sweet, as I got to know them a bit more, I realized that Nick, sure, he’s sarcastic, but he has a huge heart full of love and compassion for everyone. Tracy, being sweet, she’s gentle, trusting and to me, seems to be Nicks equal as he is hers. They balance one another out perfectly, especially with their two cute kids.

The wedding day went on without a hitch, the wedding photography was perfect, the lighting was gorgeous, the snow was crisp, the ceremony was beautiful and everyone was so happy to be a part of it. As the wedding photographer, I loved observing everyones reaction to when Nick serenaded Tracy. There were tears everywhere! The love that these two share is beautiful and I am so happy for these 4 to be together.

Congratulations again to the both of you! Enjoy your beautiful life and these photographs! Cheers!

Joshua McDonaldComment