ROGUE Film Co Presents a Wedding at the Barn at Raccoon Creek

ROGUE Film Co Presents a Wedding at the Barn at Raccoon Creek

Rachel + Brad tie the knot at, “The Barn at Raccoon Creek“. This place was built for wedding photography. It was gorgeous. The snow was fresh, the sun was out and everyone couldn’t have been more happy. 

Brad + Rachel are two daring, loving, gentle, funny, and outgoing people. Going back to their engagement session, they weren’t deterred by the idea of climbing down the side of a mountain to stand on the edge of a cliff while a drone flew around their heads to capture the last bit of light as the sunset. During their wedding day, again, they were unafraid of the snow. Rachel didn’t complain once about her dress slightly flowing over the snow, dirt, water etc… Nor the cold! Several times a suggestion was made to keep her warm and still she insisted that she was fine! Brad was exactly the same. These two are made for one another and they are going to make mountains together as husband and wife.

During the wedding day, their family and friends were wonderful, encouraging and loving. As time goes on, with wedding photography, you are continuously challenged. The art, is a never ending growth, but when speaking of challenge, it’s more personal. With people such as Brad & Rachel, it causes one to look deep and check themselves. To aspire to be more. That’s what was visible at the wedding. The people they surround themselves are a support system. People they can depend on to continue to grow themselves.

At the end of the day, we took one last moment to head outside and take advantage of the lights. Freezing cold and seeing their breath backlit, these two, laughed and danced away… The most important thing to remember with wedding photography is simply this, if people aren’t having fun and enjoying themselves, the photos will never be as good as they can get. Rachel & Brad, with their joy, made that happen. Congratulations to the both of you, you deserve it and so much more!

Joshua McDonaldComment