ROGUE Film Co Presents Regis + Vanessa, a Colorado Wedding

Vanessa + Regis, two people, a wintery day, a classic setting, a dapper gentlemen, a darling bride to be, and a tear filled Wedding was celebrated at the Four Seasons in Denver, Co. on November 28, 2015. This particular day was full of emotion. Regis, a man of integrity, charisma, and a captivating personality. Vanessa, a woman filled with love, support, and a determination that is hard to rival.

          ROGUE Film Co is an idea. It’s something that all of us are capable of. It’s passion. Passion that needs to be unleashed in order to capture moments of raw emotion. On November 28th, 2015 a special moment occurred with 100 + witnesses. Regis and Vanessa were married. Marriage is about love, love is when two souls, hearts, friends, acknowledge their counterpart and decide they can’t live without one another.

MIZPAH“Mizpah has often been interpreted as signifying an emotional bond between people who are separated, either physically by distance or by death.”  

When two people have so much love for one another, even when separated, they can feel their love, their bond and know that they are loved. That’s what was felt when photographing Regis & Vanessa’s wedding. They are real. You can tell by their very nature how much love they have to offer, how loved they are by their friends and family (which in all actuality are all FAMILY). These two, take moments to heart. It would be very difficult to see either of these two taking anything in this world for granted. If a photograph speaks 1000 words, a moment between these two should speak thousands.

Typically, a blog would be filled with information on the day, who did what, who shot what, what the music was like etc… Why? It helps out with the SEO to get more business, but what does it really mean to anyone? Here at ROGUE Film Co. what should be represented isn’t, “How to get your SEO higher in the ranks”. It should be a complete focus on an observation. When two people get married, the first thing that should be noticed is the chemistry. Everyone has different chemistry. Some people are quiet, loud, funny, quirky, weird, sappy, etc… The chemistry that Regis & Vanessa share is an out of this world bond between one another. They equal one another and are better for having each other.

These two, like all of ROGUE Film Co.’s clients, have something unique that can’t always be explained. Not everything needs to be explained. Can anyone truly see what love looks like? Can anyone see the air we breathe or see gravity? With the naked eye, the answer is no. It’s a feeling, it’s an invisible string that pulls you towards someone without rhyme or reason. All that anyone ever needs to know is that it’s felt.

We felt it.