ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Manor House Wedding, Colorado

Sara + Josh – such an awesome combination for two people combining their worlds together. Their Wedding took place at the Manor House in Colorado. I loved taking the photos for their Denver Wedding Photography, everything turned out beautifully.

These two are fun, silly, outgoing, and their little one is adorable. I love watching for, “the look”. “The Look”, is when a person or persons are head over heels for someone that when they look at each other, their smile, affection, and adoration can not be hidden. Their faces light up like the 4th of July and that’s when you know, these two truly have that something special. It was funny, Sara kept saying how non photogenic she was, but if you all look at these photos, I think we can all agree, she’s very photogenic and so is Josh, they are an excellent couple to have as a bride and groom. Not only because they look great, but because they are the real deal.

During a wedding I typically will talk to the friends and family about the couple. I heard so many stories about how awesome they are together, how much they have persisted and how they will always be that way. Sara & Josh are that couple. I have no doubt they will be together for as long as time allows. Josh is a warrior, he will always fight for his family, stand up for them, and be as supportive as he can be. Sara is gentle, she is the kind of person who will do anything she can for her family. Love and Respect is a huge thing for these two, as it should be, and I love that.

The day went very well for everyone who attended, including the Denver wedding photography. It was beautiful out, the sunset was gorgeous, the jewish ceremony was awesome to observe, and at the end of the day, no one fell out of the raised chairs! The wedding was a huge success and I’m sure you can’t wait to see the photographs! These photos turned out beautifully, enjoy this preview! Congratulations again you two!

Joshua McDonaldComment