Austin + Aislinn | Dunafon Castle | Idledale, CO Wedding


Aislinn + Austin,

Two absolutely wonderful and kind-hearted people. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll laugh, they’ll make you cry, and they’ll cry. They’re sensitive and sarcastic, two of my favorite traits when combined! They were married in Idledale, Colorado in this hole in the wall place called, the “Dunafon Castle”. A place, honestly, I had never heard of before.

Well, we drove up, and low and behold there was this, castle, in the mountains, in the valley… And suddenly I was transported to Harry Potter Land with fountains, cobblestone, and wizards. Ok, no wizards, but you get the idea.

The folks who greeted us who also tend to the property, didn’t speak English, which added to the authenticity of a castle that takes you to another world.

Their family, friends, etc… drank, ate, and were merry all evening. They sat through the harsh degrees of the sun, and enjoyed the brisk breeze and beer of the night. One of my favorite more comical parts of the day was the flaming torch that hung directly above Aislinn & Austin during their ceremony. You would have thought it was the Olympics. I guess, they use gasoline to fill the torches, so when they lit it, it was smoking for a good amount of time. God knows how they haven’t burnt anything down. Well, it worked out pretty good, looked pretty awesome, and it was quite odorless.

This property is pretty spectacular, but do you know what is more spectacular than the flaming torches? Aislinn & Austin’s forever love. They really do love one another, they have so much that it overflows in abundance to everyone else around them. They can’t help it. And that’s why I love them so damn much.

People like these two, give everyone hope, they inspire, and they make moments unforgettable. Which also beckons the question, “why a photographer then?”. Obviously, their unforgettable moments, can’t be seen. *Wink face emoji*

At the end of the day, they were married, we cried, we left, and to this day, I wonder… Whatever became of those two. Did they climb Mt. Everest? Did they cross the nile? Did they swim naked with the sharks? Who’s to say… I can tell you this though, wherever they are, whatever they are doing, they’re still just as magically in love as that day I photographed them.

Cheers folks, enjoy the photographs.