Sara + Brent, Denver, Colorado


Sara + Brent,

We met at this barn in Parker, it was right off the main road but getting into it, felt like we were out in the country. A cloudy, windy, slightly cold day and these two show up ready to go! Their chemistry is out of this world with one another. 

Brent has such a passion and love for Sara and vis versa. She adores him and he adores her. The way I see it was, Brent saw this woman and being a hunter type as he is, went right for what he felt. He is kind, gentle, and cares just as much about their memories as she does. She is kind, sweet, and gentle and can't seem to hold that back by any means. 

Love is supposed to be about two souls that don't want to be a part from one another and that is exactly what these two have. Congratulations again and I can't wait to photograph your wedding!