Brie + Dan | DU Denver Wedding | Colorado Wedding


Brie + Dan,

I’m a Colorado Wedding Photographer, I like to point that out because it helps with SEO. Amongst other things, I meet some incredibly rad people. I get to shoot some incredibly cool weddings and be apart of special occasions. Like Brie & Dan, I’ve known them for some time now through other clients weddings and I was honored when they asked me to be apart of theirs.

They’re both loving and sweet, gentle and stubborn, silly and outgoing. They both get what Love & Respect means and no matter what, pursue that first and foremost with all things. Of course their human but aren’t we all? (Insert Smiley Emoji)

Their wedding day started at a beautiful Airbnb or it could have been the other one… Either way, it was in this huge condo that had lots of floors. Lots of art, and tons of love put into it, giving me the ability to take some pretty phenomenal getting ready photographs.

The day went smoothly, showing up at DU we had to play hide and seek with Dan, because every corner we turned, Brie and everyone else kept kind of showing up. We took a right turn thinking they were in their room, but the girls got off on the wrong floor, then we get in the elevator and as it opens up, Brie was there again! Finally, we managed to get Brie to the right place and Dan out for his blind date.

Their blind date was wonderful, I got to hear them say sweet things that they admire about one another, and tears even happened.

If only every relationship was like theirs. The world would be a much better place. They put God at the heart of it, which for me personally, is a big deal and gives a higher guarantee for the way their marriage will be handled when the going gets tough. The bible teaches us about patience, kindness, grace, being slow to anger, quick to forgive etc… I believe they truly follow through with these things and do their best to practice what Paul explained and what Jesus taught.

Every marriage would be better if we could all follow the simple cheesy lines of, “WWJD”. Seriously, I mean that. I grew up thinking it was a cheesy line and to me, it still is; however, nothing could be closer to the truth then that simple line.

I believe in these two, and I know everyone who shoed up to their wedding day and others who couldn’t be there do as well.

Love isn’t always easy, but if you have the ability to get through the tough and do it utilizing Gods love, I guarantee that the times following will get easier and easier, until one day, there’s nothing but PEACE.

Brie & Dan, I see that you both walk in peace and your hearts and minds are in the right place. I see that you both hold one another accountable and submit to one another biblical authority. We live in the age where that’s not upheld as often anymore and it saddens me, but with you two, you both dare to inspire and live big.

Continue your life following this path and I guarantee you’ll always be happy and you’ll never find yourself alone.

Congratulations again and Cheers!