Briana + Kevin | The Pinery | Colorado Springs Wedding


Briana + Kevin,

Briana & Kevin held their wedding at, “The Pinery at the Hill” which is an extravagant location here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s a very classic set up, with a beautiful reception area, a wonderful ceremony location for indoor weddings on cold days. And since it’s on a hill, it gives the ability to step outside and not look like you’re in the city. Which I loved!

These two contacted me about a month out from their wedding because their photographer (original) ended up breaking their foot or leg or something. Which was horrible and I hope they were able to heal up from their injury and get back to work! And at the same time I was super happy to get to photograph this couple because not only did I get to shoot a wonderful wedding, but I made some really cool friends here in the Springs too.

These two are loving and gentle, understanding and encouraging. They have the know how and the love to pursue all things by one another side. Life can definitely throw a curveball from time to time and how you handle it, determines your level of success. Because it’s not how we handle life’s successes, it’s how we handle life’s challenges that defines us. And Kevin & Briana definitely know how to handle both!

At the end of the day, after witnessing their event and everyone they surround themselves with, after getting to know their friends and family. I can say but one thing, these two have all of the ingredients to have a wonderful life. I absolutely believe they will.

Kevin & Briana, you both are wonderful people! I’m so happy you both found one another and I am so excited for your future! Congratulations again!