ROGUE Film Co. Presents an Erie, Colorado Engagement


Alexanna & Jamie are two peas in a pod. They have a height difference. They are quirky, fun, silly, and they definitely love one another. They are passionate and not afraid to speak their mind, which I love. On this day of all days, they met with me for their engagement. They gave me carte blanch with the location and you won't believe how it turned out!

We met in a field, this field was covered in all sorts of things next to an oil rig(?). We found tires, a bathtub full of holed up water cans, we found grass, and lots of gun shells. Most of all, I found Jamie & Alexanna having a blast, posing, smiling, kissing, laughing, etc... It was a lot of fun. 

I'd like to say more about these two, but, honestly, I'm going to be photographing their wedding and would like to save some of the sweet poetic stuff for that blog, but in the meantime, let's let the photographs of this Colorado Engagement do the talking! Congratulations!