ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Snowy Vail, Colorado Wedding


Doctor... Doctor... "Oh yes, we did meet while assisting with child birth..." or so the story goes. "I am a doctor who doesn't know my left from my right" "Yea, and I'm a doctor who forgets phrases after saying them 100 times in a row"... These two are definitely paired for one another, and balance each other out....

They contacted me a while back, and I mean, they told me their story, they shared with me their love for one another. I remember meeting for the first time and I guess they had barely slept with searching for residency. They still managed to smile, laugh, joke, and drink a beer. 

Come wedding day, they were more awake than I had ever seen them or heard them. Their friends really showed me what kind of people Alex & Kamaris are. They are loved, dearly. They are supported, they are joked with and at, they are cared for without a doubt and the same from them to their friends and family. Mutual caring... 

There is like and than there is love, sometimes like falls away and you still love, and sometimes love falls away and there is still like, but when it comes to marrying your best friend, you want to have the combination of like and love. Our brain sends us signals, saying, this person makes you happy. It's what we can't weigh that brings us over the edge and causes us to commit to that person. Love. These two, really, truly, without a doubt, without question, without hesitation, 100% love one another. 

I believe love to be the souls recognition of it's counterpart when in it's presence. I could go on a while about that particular subject, isn't that why everyone gathered together on that fine day in Vail? To be inspired by and to witness? That is exactly what happened, I really believe in these two, it was a day to remember and to never forget, in 10, 20, 30 years from now, I guarantee they will be laughing as they look back, having awesome careers, having saved god knows how many lives at that time, most likely 10 kids, and their love will not be the same, but it will exceed their wildest dreams. 

Congratulations again my friends! Cheers.