ROGUE Film Co. Presents an Elegant Wedding


Isabelle & Matt, two tremendously cool people, got married at the Arrowhead Golf Club, in an elegant way. They even climbed a cliff, barefooted, in their Dress & Suit. It was beautiful... 

When I met Isabelle & Matt, I have to say, they had this easy going vibe, the, "just relax and let life happen" mentality. If you work hard, you get to play hard. I feel like that stood true to the day of their wedding. 

For a photographer, you want clients who want an adventure, you want clients who don't say, "No Way", you want clients who say, "Let's do it!". And that is an excellent way to describe these two. I'd hate to sound cliche and say, they had the, "We can do it" attitude, but, they really do! I asked them to take their shoes off, climb the side of this cliff and stand on the top of it. They did it! 

Anything that I asked them to do, they went for it. Including their cake, I said, everyone cuts the cake the same way, I want you guys to express yourselves... LoL. I don't think I laughed harder at a cake cutting. 

The way they are with one another, I could only express as... Balanced. They are the couple that works together so well, they can do anything they put their minds to. I loved every second of that day and I'm sure, with their families support, they'll never stop adventuring. 

Isabelle & Matt, cheers to your life, you both earned it!