ROGUE Film Co. Presents a BoHo Mountain Wedding in Silverthorne, Colorado.


Leave it to folks like Jesse + Stephanie to throw an outdoor BoHo style Mountain Wedding, when it snows, is cold, beautifully overcast, right next to Lake Dillon. Leave it to folks like Stephanie + Jesse to nail it, to make it work, and have the right type of people around to make it one heck of a day worth remembering. 

I was cold, I won't deny it, they were cold, they wouldn't deny it. Not to be cheesy, but let's be real. The love they have, the people they surround themselves with, the support, it was all so warming, that and the whiskey, that I don't think they or anyone would have had it any other way. 

Their day was beautiful. Started at Miners Creek, a treacherous journey up the mountains, near a shelter made in the late 16th century and plenty of beer to go around. They said, Do what you need to... So, I thought I'd ask for a little snow from whoever was listening... Guess what, it did, and they nuzzled and cuddled and kissed their faces off in it... 

These two are amazing people, their ceremony was gorgeous, next to Lake Dillon, even with that cold wind, it was worth the beauty of the moment. I'll say this much, I wish more weddings were like this one and just as adventurous, because at the end of the day, I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

I'm certain you'll love the photographs, so let's get on with it! :)