ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Secret Garden BoHo Wedding in Colorado Springs, Colorado


Melissa & Dan know how to party, know how to get married, and know how to love. They were married in the Secret Garden in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Which, honestly, it was very much a secret. I had no idea what I was pulling up into, nor did I even notice it until I walked through the ivy entrance.

The day was celebrated in style, with friends, and most of all, FUN. Yea, this BoHo style wedding was beautiful. Every second of the day was enjoyable and the folks were just as genuine as they could be. 

No wonder why Dan & Melissa are like they are. These two compliment one another in every way possible. I bet when they bicker it's even done in style. They were joking the entire day, being cute as much as a couple can be cute, and always holding hands, kissing, or touching in some way. 

Being a wedding photographer is just about as fun as it gets when you get Weddings like these, and I can't wait for you to look at the photographs. Congratulations again Dan & Melissa! You deserve one another! 

But first, their engagement which was taken only a week or so prior to the wedding! 

Now, their Wedding!