ROGUE Film CO. Presents a Modern Wedding in Denver, Colorado


Zachary + Brian are two wonderful and amazing men. Dear lord how they love one another and how they celebrated their wedding at the Denver Space Gallery, let me tell you... Was amazing. 

This wedding was the, it started off at The Art Hotel in Denver, Colorado. This Hotel, is amazing. It was even more amazing with these two getting ready in it. I'll just be frank with all of you in cyber world. When I met Brian & Zachary, I instantly fell in love with them. I told them that regardless of us working together, I wanted to walk away with them as friends. We ended up doing a group hug at the end of it and of course, with me being their photographer. 

The way these two hold themselves, their demeanor, honor, love, etc... It's astounding. It's rare to find two people who can literally be thought of in such high regard who actually walks the walk. 

These photographs were some of my favorite to edit, because they were so different. Zachary & Brian told me how much art means to them, how they love architecture, how they love photographs, memories, and so much more. So I took extra time to try and make their photographs a bit... different than "normal". 

Congratulations to the two of you! Cheers! Dig the photos! #getrogued #gotrogued #gorogueyourself #roguefilmco