ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Mt. Vernon Country Club Wedding in Denver, Colorado


Adam + Alyssa..... LOL - I don't know if, "LOL" is something that most people put into a blog; however, I think the entire bridal party will be understanding to that initial statement. Wow! What... a .... day! 

These two, they are a handful of fun, excitement, adventure, laughs, fun, more laughs, and love. Their bridal party... similar. Their family and friends... SAME. I don't think I've laughed so much at a wedding in a long time. I was thrown off guard, turned around, and set up for a perfect day of photographs at every turn. 

Let's talk about the weather that day. Beautiful! Nothing like getting poured on in the middle of Bridesmaid photographs and getting soaked. We even suffered a casualty in equipment (I'll be calling Canon about that one!) And yet the day still went on and we still rocked it. 

Alyssa, she's an amazing individual, stubborn, full of a will get everything done in this world that I aim to achieve attitude. Adam, the ability to think something up, create it, and make it happen even better with a, "I want this girl and only this girl" love and eyes that he went after her in full force. The capacity of what these two have to offer this world and each other is astounding. Their ability to achieve what they want is incredulous. 

Wedding day? Oh yea, that's what we're here for. These two and everyone they include in their lives are affected. They're amazing people, who I guarantee will get everything they want. All they have to do is literally put their minds together and dream it up. I for one felt like I walked away with friends, and not just another past client. 

Adam & Alyssa, you both are amazing if I hadn't made it clear. These photos are spectacular and I hope you and everyone else think so as well... Enjoy!