ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Chapel Style Wedding in Denver, Colorado


Shantel + Andy were married in a beautiful Catholic Chapel with amazing stain glass everywhere in Denver, Colorado. 

It may have been a small wedding, but everyone who attended were considered family. Each person, especially the wedding party, had a bright colorful personality different than the other. It didn't take me too long to figure out how Shantel & Andy came to be the people they are.

Shantel, is definitely a mom, she cares so much about everyone in her life, she practically wears her heart on her sleeve. Andy, is well reserved, and let's be honest, if you know him, he doesn't care much at all about photographs, in facts, usually steers clear of the camera; however, on this particular day, because of how much he loves Shantel, he did it... And, he did it well. Andy just like Shantel is a man full of heart, he loves so deeply, within seconds of meeting him, you know, there is nothing he would not do for his family. He's the kind of guy who would go to the ends of the earth if he knew that is what it took to bring happiness. Fortunately, Shantel is absolutely supportive, and loves just as much, clearly, she would never ask of such a thing. BUT it's good to have a marriage start off with knowing that about each other!

The day went beautifully, lots of laughter, a few tears, maybe some nervousness, but mostly love filled the atmosphere. These two are going to have an amazing life with one another and have already had one. Their path is written in stone and I doubt anything will be able to alter their course. They are meant to be.

Enjoy the photographs! Congratulations you two!