ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Mountain Wedding in Loveland, Colorado


Casey + Lindsay are two birds of a feather, both goofy, interesting, down to earth, the bee's knees, and plain ol fun. They both got married in the mountains of Loveland Colorado at a private Ranch that had a beautiful set up against an unusual cliff side. 

Casey is an artist like myself, a kindred spirit and picky about his photographs, and loves life. Lindsay is a sweetheart, silly, keeps Casey grounded on earth. Both are intelligent, both are loving, and both are crazy about one another. They nerd out over each other like crazy. 

Their wedding was on the side of a cliff! Super red rocks, mountains, trees, a sweet path, a ranch, and a tent that helped illuminate everything like crazy! 

This wedding was just over all fantastic. Right up their alley with friends and family. The toasts were touching, the dancing was off the hook, and the river of beer, well, that just helped. 

Enjoy the photographs of Lindsay + Casey! Congratulations you two!