ROGUE Film Co. Presents a top of the mountain wedding in Keystone, Colorado


Janet + Peter, two polish individuals, who happened to meet at a polish meeting place, because that's what the polish people do. Had their wedding at the top of a mountain in Keystone, Colorado...

At the top of the mountain, 2 gondola rides later and an epic adventure at Lake Dillon in Silverthorne, Colorado. We made it around 150 photographs later. It's so funny, because something I wasn't aware of with people from Poland is they sound like they yell at one another and us folks who are not Polish assume it's because they're mad. NOT THE CASE AT ALL... Or so Janet explained to me as we waited for Peter to make it to the lift at the Gondola. 

This day was beautiful, full of laughter, jokes that weren't in English but the result was laughter so I assumed they were joking. Throwing money on the floor to make the couple race against one another to pick up the coins. Elaborate dress, excellent toasts and a view that one could forget themselves in. 

Janet + Peter are amazing people, so bold, adventurous, outgoing and full of love. They went ona bike ride earlier that day around the lake, Peter apparently will fly straight down a mountain on his bike... They're true to one another in every way. I want to say so much more about these two, but the reality is, all you have to do is look at the photographs to know. And if you know them, OH how you know! 

Peter, Janet, you both are amazing, I hope these photographs are everything you've wanted! Congratulations again!