ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Grand Hyatt Wedding in Denver, Co.


ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Grand Hyatt Wedding in Denver, Co. with Chelsea & Jeff for an oh so fabulous wedding. 

Jeff & Chelsea, oh dear lord... What can I say about these two? If you know these two, you know exactly what I mean when I say they are a well balanced. They are incredibly fun to be around, sarcastic, goofy, and have the right thing to say at the right time. They both care deeply about their friends, family, and anyone they choose to surround themselves with. 

I had the honor of shooting their engagement, their rehearsal dinner, and their wedding. When you're involved that deeply, you get to know people pretty well (including the guests). Chelsea & Jeff are a great example of why I got into wedding photography. I wanted to be around people who truly care about one another, who deeply love, who are committed, and who can't see themselves without the other. 

Wedding day was beautiful, it was a hit or miss afternoon and we lucked out. The weather chilled out enough to take some awesome photographs and Denver has so much to offer as far as backdrops go we kind of had a bit of fun with it. I particularly loved how these photographs turned out, every candid photo taken was almost spot on. I wish I could take the credit but it's solely because of Jeff & Chelsea with the type of people they surround themselves with. Everyone was constantly laughing and smiling, I would have to be kind of an idiot to not have captured those moments... 

Without further ado, please enjoy the photographs! Congratulations again Chelsea & Jeff! Cheers!