Lavon + Anthony, Denver, Colorado


Lavon + Anthony out of Denver, Colorado

These two are incredibly feisty, I mean, imagine your definition of feisty and multiply it by 10, that's exactly what I'm talking about. They are a laugh to be around. I don't think I could laugh more to be honest. We started with a house session and then toured Rhino Art District. 

I enjoyed their company. Being in the presence of genuine love is always a joy, especially when it comes filled with wise cracks at one another followed with rolling laughter. To describe these two I'd say, JOYFUL. Their smiles are worth every photograph and their memories are worth a lifetime. 

I can't wait for their wedding day because they said their families are just as much of a handful as they are, So I'm supposed to be prepared for anything! I can hardly wait!

Congratulations Lavon & Anthony, you two rock this world!