Devon + Phoenix + Huck + Ever | Denver CO | Newborn


Devon + Phoenix + Huck + Ever,

Didn’t you know, ROGUE Film Co does Newborn sessions as well, I’ve been kind of quiet about them for a while now, but as my wife was saying, there doesn’t seem to be as many “lifestyle” newborn photographers out there. SO, in order to satisfy the demand for folks who don’t want these awkward, yet I can see why they’re cool, shaping newborns into looking like turkey photographs. I’ve decided to come out and say. I do newborn sessions!

Devon & Phoenix, we go way back, to the day I photographed their wedding and to now, multiple sessions later to another one of their Newborns. This time it was Ever. Their sweet little girl.

They are an awesome cool and hip couple who also runs this amazing company called TIMBR Basecamps. If you’re planning on a road trip, these are the folks you want to talk to, they offer live in travel vehicles, so you can camp where you want on your trip and immerse yourself in the wild, forgo paying for airbnb, motel, hotel, etc… and jump on the bandwagon of the future. Since it’s cool, trendy, affordable, and one heck of way to travel, I don’t see a better way!

Watching Devon & Phoenix interact with their kids, now seeing Huck a bit older now with his little sister. It brought tears to my eyes. This family has had to overcome so much and it warms my heart to see their blessings and successes.

This newborn session was beautiful and fun, take the time to check it out and enjoy! Cheers!

And congratulations again Devon & Phoenix!