ROGUE Film Co Presents a BOHO Chic Aspen, Colorado Wedding


Danica + Adam

These two people. I met Danica years ago at another clients wedding. So when she called me up last year and said, "I'm getting married, I want you to photograph my wedding" I was overjoyed, especially with knowing how important Art is to her. 

Meeting Adam was a pleasant surprise, a breath of fresh air. He was the real deal who could manage to give Danica exactly what she wanted/needed and her with him. They fulfill one another completely and entirely. 

Adam is soft spoken... Well at first... He's very well kept and doesn't give off too much to the public observer. However, this wasn't the case as far as what I got to witness... Adam is pretty much a ham, he's subtle about his jokes but when he does, it's pretty obvious and hilarious. 

I am so happy these two found one another. As a Wedding photographer it's actually quite important that the people I photograph on their wedding day, that they are in love, that they have chemistry, that they care, etc... It's important that they're willing to listen and listen they did! 

Overall, the day was beautiful, the people were amazing, the bride and groom, like I said, to die for, and being in Aspen Colorado, at the top of the mountain, it was beautiful and spectacular. Don't take my word on it, look it up yourself!!

P.S. Danica designed her own dress... She needs to start a dress business! & Check out Thunder & Rain, they're legit! 

Venue: Little Nell
Band: Thunder & Rain
Photographer: ROGUE Film Co.
Coordinator:  Aimee Monihan