ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Manson, Washington Orchard Wedding


Ben + Keisha...

Have you ever just wanted to go swimming at a wedding? Have you ever wanted to jump off a high dive and just party all day, all night, and all day again? Have you ever been to a wedding and thought, "If only there was a..." ? Ben & Keisha's wedding was that kind of wedding where you didn't think, "if only" - it was.

I had never met Ben or Keisha in person but had spoken to a handful of times, I knew they were excited, I knew they were in love, but I had no idea to the extent of how much or had witnessed it myself. I just thought and heard and listened. 

I arrived in Washington on a Friday after 20 minutes of sleep because I decided to take a early morning flight. I didn't get much sleep because I was bombarded by folks having to go to the restroom on the plane and of course, my seat, was the one next to the bathroom. 

Having a delay in Seattle, I walked around, listened to music, looked at the art, and busied myself with downloading music that I could drive around scouting out areas to. Arriving at my amazing and yet down to earth, run down motel I decided to book, they had a pool, and I took a dip for the first time this summer. It was amazing... 

The next day, I woke up early, headed to Manson, Washington and found myself desperate to find the perfect dock that was near their Venue, Greens Landing. Of course, I didn't find one, but the venue had a high dive so I figured that would do for the day after session. & it did as you'll see. 

The day & night was filled with so much laughter, so much love, and Ben & Keisha were on board with everything the entire day. Ben loves Keisha like you see from the movies. He'd chase her to the ends of the earth and Keisha the same for Ben. Both of them are heartfelt, both are sensitive, compassionate, and want between 0-15 children. Have been together for many years and decided it was time. 

This next chapter is going to be one for the books & I really hope to stay in touch with these two to see how their lives turn out. Congratulations you two, I hope these photographs tell your tale. 

The next day... for our day after session... This happened. We went out, had some fun, took some photographs and came back to enjoy the beautiful lake with their closest friends and family. Enjoy!