ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Mountain Wedding in Colorado.


Prabin + Julie,

At first, Prabin was quiet and kept, not funny... At all... In fact, I thought he was too serious... Julie on the other hand was very sweet, peaceful, laughing etc... As a wedding photographer, I interact with tons of different personalities & as I understand people are attracted to opposites, I figured this was the case... That was until Prabin's friends showed up and that's when it happened. He made one joke, than another, and then it was non stop laughter. 

HE WAS NERVOUS! Prabin & Julie compliment one another so well, that it's actually Julie who has to tame Prabin's sense of humor. First impression isn't everything, especially on a wedding day! They are charming together, they'll make you feel good, they care with all of their hearts and love even stronger. 

Prabin & Julie & all of their friends and family are wonderful. They will have a beautiful journey through this whirlwind of a life and there will never be a dull moment between these two.