ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Lifestyle Engagement in Denver, Co.


Gerald + Shanel

Two bubbly, quirky, nerdy, hilarious individuals.  Here is a must see video they posted together that is definitely going to make you laugh. 


Now that you've gone and watched this hilarious video.... Let's get back to their engagement and who they are. I obviously will be blogging about their wedding next year, but in the meantime. Gerald & Shanel are two people who are ambitious, hard working, and going to go far in this life together. Individually they have accomplished so much, but together, even more. They rented an amazing AirBnB just for the session. They're the type of people who will make you feel comfortable. They'll laugh at your jokes, even the dumb ones. They'll encourage you, compliment you and love on you for who you are where you're at. 

These two are unique in every way and it shows. Overall, I just loved this session, I love these two and I really can't wait until it's official. Enjoy the photographs!