ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Tapestry House Wedding in Fort Collins, Colorado


Alexanna & Jamie are a must have, must be around, must be one of the coolest couples in the WORLD. They hired me from when I photographed Zachary & Brian's wedding a little over a year ago. We spoke, we talked, we laughed and we "clicked"... Get it? We clicked... Photo joke... They're amazingly sweet and beautiful on the inside and out. 

I am a Photographer, a Journalist, a keeper and documentarist of love, moments, and history, there will never be a moment like this ever again. It amazes me on how two individuals find one another, what makes this one different, causes that extra perk of interest to appear and what series of events lead to the meeting. Some by person, some by a form of social media, another by random choices, but these two, their story is so much more than a meeting. 

It's a story of a meeting that continued into love for life. It didn't just happen once, it repeatedly occurred until they couldn't live without each other. Jamie & Alexanna have that something extra that I don't doubt will keep them together until whatever comes next.

Thank you for letting me be your Colorado Wedding Photographer at the beautiful venue Tapestry House in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am grateful I got to be apart of your day and that I got to document the moments. Congratulations again you two! Cheers!!