ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Planet Bluegrass Wedding in Lyons, Colorado


Matt & Shelby, Shelby & Matt - these two love birds have taken on the world together. They love all that the earth has to give them and what they can give back. The RIVER especially. With only family (meaning friends are family) these two tied the knot in a very unique way...

The wedding day came and these two were ready. Having a non traditional style of a day, we kicked off with the photographs they wanted, including, using the river to our advantage. Which is a must if you know what I mean? How can we not want to get in it? Especially, which I later found out, was a huge part of their vows and other various things. 

We came to the ceremony, where they were blessed with words, a smoke ritual and the obvious, "kiss her already" moment. As a wedding photographer, and one who goes for the unique, I absolutely love this wedding, I love this couple and I love these photographs. So without further ado - enjoy their day, their memories and relive those moments! Congratulations again!