ROGUE Film Co. Presents a Hills Wedding in Moab, Utah


Juan + Tasia, ok so these two... First, they got married in Moab, Utah... In the hills, surrounded by country side, hills, shrubs, and family. They love each other, they're the mac of one another's cheese. The Peanut butter to the others Jelly, they are cookies n' cream and they aren't afraid to show it. 

I'm a wedding photographer, my job is to capture people in love, not people who are, "in love" - I take special care and consideration with each and every client, I screen them, talk to them, hear their stories... If I like what I see, hear, perceive, I take them on. 

That's how Juan & Tasia came to be. Strong enough to bend steel, soft enough to hold one another's tears. They live for life and aren't afraid to take on the challenges together. When I arrived, Juan was shooting clay pigeons with the, "boys" and Tasia was getting ready with the ladies... Because, that's what Brides do and that's what Grooms do. 

Their family was wonderful, the scenery gorgeous, although bright, and actually surprisingly hot, it was beautiful. At the end of the night, we took the star challenge and... well, see for yourself. These two are amazing, and I was so so happy to be a part of their day, I know they will go the distance! Congrats again!