Rachael + Chris | Denver Colorado | Blackstone Country Club


Rachael + Chris,

A beautiful couple, a beautiful wedding at Blackstone Country Club  , with beautiful friends and family. These two have insane chemistry. I mean it. They finish one another's sentences, they know what the other will say, they even communicate without words at a distance, which is mind blowing and incredulous. It was beautiful, fun, elegant, graceful, nothing less than perfect. 

Rachael is outgoing, fun, and adventurous which is great because Chris is outgoing, fun and adventurous. They're both a bit crazy. Head strong, good natured, and love people. 

I couldn't say enough about their character, they are wonderful to be around and I can't wait to see them again! 

Their day was filled with family and friends laughing and crying. As a wedding photographer, one whom loves love and one who doesn't shy from real stories. This one was one for the books! Cheers again you two!