Lavon + Anthony | Denver Colorado | Wedding Photographer


Lavon + Anthony,

Wow, what can I say. Out of this world. May the record show that it was Lavon & Anthony who coined my new artist name, "J'Mac". It's stuck ever since. The word must have gotten out. What a beautiful wedding and day! I seriously, thoroughly, and most definitely enjoyed spending the day with these two and all of their beautiful and amazing friends. There is no doubt in my mind that these two are made for one another and there is no going back on it. It's written! 

In life, we sometimes circle back. We take steps forward, adapt, grow, mature, and find ourselves back in the same place we were when we were younger, but this time... Something is different. This time the stars aline, the planets orbit just right, and we are exactly where we were meant to be. Right in front of her and her him. She smiles instead of frowns, he laughs, the kiss has fireworks and no strings this time, and everything becomes clear. 

We spend a lifetime as romantics trying to find that, "Great Love". As a wedding photographer, I feel, many miss that mark, they settle, they force themselves to become content and later, have regret. But that, "Great Love" is worth the wait, it's worth the patience that it takes. If Great Love were easy everyone would be chasing it. That's how Anthony & Lavon came to be, by chasing that Great Love, the never-ending, unconditional, ever-lasting, I will be here when you're sick and be here when you're strong kind of love. 

The wedding was held at the Art Hotel for getting ready & the Denver Space Gallery for Venue. Obviously ROGUE Film Co was the photographer, and there was a DJ and a Florist, the catering was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I thought I had the best chicken recipe, but I would be crazy to say I could compete with the smokey flavor that chicken came with... Oh my goodness... If I can get my hands on that name, I'll be sure to post it! 

At the end of the day, everyone was happy, Lavon & Anthony had a movie like cinematic send off that I know they'll never forget... And in case they need reminding, there are photographs! Cheers!