Brent + Sara | Pagosa Springs, CO | Wedding


Brent + Sara,

on a beautiful day in Pagosa springs, colorado an officer and a lady married one another. their wedding could not have been better. their friends and family surrounding them. the perfect scenic location. and let’s not forget their love.

there seems to be a theme when it comes to love. Balance. every relationship that I have had the honor to be a witness to that has gone as far as marriage has had balance. The balance between these two is obvious. they have the fun with the calm, the rowdy with the sincere, and the support that goes with the strength.

Behind every man or woman that is in the military, law enforcement, first responders etc… is a strong supportive significant other. it takes courage to live that life and it takes strength to stand with them through it all.

Love is a beautiful thing. and in the glorious rocky mountains of southern colorado, these two married and will forever stand together through it all.

Congratulations again to the both of you, you both are perfect for one another and i believe 100% that you both will have a long happy life with one another.