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Mommy & Me Portrait | Colorado Springs, Colorado | ROGUE Studio

Are you a mom, single or married with a little one or several? With your intense schedule I imagine it’s hard to take time for yourself and your kids to get beautiful photos taken. Life is dictated by a routine, schedule and responsibilities.

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Jessica + Tyler + Kendall | Colorado Springs, Colorado | Portraiture

In Colorado Springs, Colorado there is this Studio which was designed by me, Joshua McDonald, hand crafted to fit any type of portrait session. The entire room is made to move, shift and adapt to the type of portraiture.

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Mommy & Me | Colorado Springs, Colorado | Studio Portrait

This was a quick mommy & me session in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The studio’s intended purpose is to provide a quick and simple location that guarantees a specific look with lots of room for creativity. Outfitted with Chairs, white back paneling, natural light, and multiple angles that can be photographed, the studio is that space everyone wants.

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