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Lifestyle Couples Portrait | Colorado Springs, Colorado | ROGUE Studio

I’m sure you’ve seen the photographs floating around on Instagram. I know I have. You’ve got your couples in a home like location, whether it’s an airbnb, a hotel, or a cute house (that may or may not be yours). And they’re being romantic and cute with one another. Cuddling, being a little intimate, loving on one another as if they were just, “hanging out”.

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Jessica + Tyler + Kendall | Colorado Springs, Colorado | Portraiture

In Colorado Springs, Colorado there is this Studio which was designed by me, Joshua McDonald, hand crafted to fit any type of portrait session. The entire room is made to move, shift and adapt to the type of portraiture.

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Selfie Post | Colorado Springs, Colorado | ROGUE STUDIO

When we completed the studio, we couldn’t help but want to take a few quick selfies to eat the lighting. It turned out beautifully and we thought it would be cool to show case ourselves just a little.

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