Mommy & Me Portrait | Colorado Springs, Colorado | ROGUE Studio


Mommy & Me Portrait,

Are you a mom, single or married with a little one or several? With your intense schedule I imagine it’s hard to take time for yourself and your kids to get beautiful photos taken. Life is dictated by a routine, schedule and responsibilities.

With ROGUE Studio, we have everything you need to have a wonderful session with your little ones. We have the location, in the heart of Colorado Springs, a hand crafted studio designed to accommodate a big family or a small family. We arrange the space to fit you and you don’t have to fit us!

These sessions are important because as your kids grow up, you’ll wish you had professional memories taken to remember how cute they were before they hit those teenage years where it will be near impossible to get them to take any photos with you. It’s a cool and trendy location that will wow you when we open the Studio up and it’s personal. You don’t have to worry about all the distractions at a park, or worry about them falling off a cliff. Let’s hope that last bit never happens!

We will take an hour of your time, take beautiful photographs and send you on your way! And within days you’ll receive the most beautiful memorable gift ever. Professional photographs that you’ll wish you had gotten done earlier!

So whether it’s Maternity, Newborn, or a Mommy & Me (can even be a Daddy & Me Session!) ROGUE Studio is here to make it happen. With over 7 years of professional experience, you can trust that you’re going to get what you pay for and without having to rent out a studio or pay for a studio cost!