Lifestyle Couples Portrait | Colorado Springs, Colorado | ROGUE Studio


Lifestyle Couples Portraits,

I’m sure you’ve seen the photographs floating around on Instagram. I know I have. You’ve got your couples in a home like location, whether it’s an airbnb, a hotel, or a cute house (that may or may not be yours). And they’re being romantic and cute with one another. Cuddling, being a little intimate, loving on one another as if they were just, “hanging out”.

We all know that’s not the case. It’s a professional session. With ROGUE Studio, we provide the comfort, privacy, and the amazing space so you can feel completely comfortable getting these photos taken.

The Barn Studio is 100% natural light and can be done with flash if necessary to give an almost exact replicated look of natural.

Lifestyle is what’s trending and probably will be for a long long time. We are this age once in our life and when you’re in love, take advantage of your youth and commemorate today right now. When you look back, I bet you’ll want to have this memories!

We can do about anything in the Studio, so if you have any requests or you’re uncertain if we can accommodate, please ask us! And if you’re ready to book, let’s do it and get your memories taken care of!