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Lifestyle Boudoir Portrait,

Here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, ROGUE Film Co provides ROGUE Studio as a space where you can get boudoir taken in private, with natural light. This old Barn Shed was converted over to a beautiful studio space, allowing for many different types of portrait photography to take place.

One of the biggest issues with Boudoir is, you either have to spend more money to rent a nice airbnb or on a hotel that doesn’t look like a hotel. Let’s be honest, who wants to get photographs taken in a hotel room where you have to hope they have the correct facing room to give enough natural light to make it worth it. On top of paying for the photographer, the cost ads up.

With ROGUE Studio, if it isn’t obvious, we took care of the location for you! You only have to book the session and we assist with style if you need it, we also have a female photographer (my wife) who can take the photographs if you’re more comfortable with a female. Which is completely understandable!

We also like working together with our clients, if you have a preference or a direction towards edit, we will listen and work with you to make the photos look perfect. With over 7 years of professional editing experience, we can literally do almost anything.

If you’re ready to book a session, we do 12 a month, so inquire and let’s get shooting!

P.S. there are many more photographs to this session, but we only display what we think gives the idea instead of showcasing the more revealing photos out of respect for all potential clients and past clients. If you want to see more we can email/text to show more.